5 simple strategies to curb your iso snacking!

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Working from home has many upsides; Setting your alarm 15 minutes before you start work. No traffic stress. Meetings in your Ugg boots. No crowded bus commute. No having to make small talk with your boss in the lift. No racing out the door at 4.55pm feeling guilty for leaving “early” so you can pick up the kids…

But if there’s been one major downside of this whole WFH phenomenon, it’s the effect on our collective waistlines!

Having a steady supply of food 5 steps from your desk (and no Karen from HR there to judge you for raiding the office biscuit jar… again) means an enormous amount of self-control is required to stay AWAY from the snacks!

Or is it? See, I’m not a big fan of relying on willpower or self-control. Maybe I have trust issues but I know from experience that if you put me (or just about any woman I know) in easy reach of tasty snacks, then sooner or later, when times get stressful (or you’re bored or tired or hormonal or all four) well, all the willpower in the world won’t stand a chance against the call of the cupboard.

So what’s the solution then? How do you keep the Covid kilos at bay when you’re sitting down most of the day, with the pantry and fridge practically at arm’s reach?

Here are my 5 simple strategies for controlling the snacks attacks:

  1. Remove all temptation from the house!

If it’s not there, you can’t eat it! Sounds too simple to be true? Trust me when I say if you open the cupboards and all you see are tins of tomatoes, rice and tuna (you get my drift), you’re going to lose interest pretty quickly. And before you tell me the “unhealthy” snacks belong to your partner/ kids/ mum etc – well they’ll get over it eventually if you toss their snacks too!


  1. Have a convenient supply of healthy snacks in the fridge/ cupboard

That way, when you do get the urge to snack on something, you minimise the damage. Make it really EASY to snack on healthy options: cut up veggies and keep them in the fridge with a low-calorie dip like hummus or salsa; if you tend to reach for something sweet then plain yoghurt with berries, cinnamon and a little honey is a great option. If you’re more of a salty fan then a couple of good options are air-popped popcorn or edamame beans. For more great ideas, here’s my top 20 healthy snack ideas for busy women!

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iavF7BA7tRx-415icTpAYmIw2agxPKms/view?usp=sharing


  1. Drink up first!

Try this: every time you get up to snack, drink a big glass of water first or make a cup of herbal tea. Truthfully, most snacking is boredom not true hunger. So this technique works in two ways: it distracts you and dulls the initial urge to eat and the water will fill you up (you might actually be thirsty, not hungry).

  1. Ensure you’re getting enough protein in your meals

If your main meals aren’t satisfying, then chances are you’ll be searching around for snacks an hour later. The answer? Ensure you’re getting enough protein (from lean meat/ seafood/ eggs/ tofu/ tempeh/ dairy) and fibre (e.g. vegetables) as this combo will keep you fuller for longer and feeling comfortably satisfied after eating.


  1. Steer clear of sugary foods

That 3pm chocolate bar might seem like the perfect afternoon pick-me-up but it’s only going to send your blood sugar crashing soon after, leaving you hungrier and craving more sugar. If you find your energy dropping after lunch (which is a natural dip in our cortisol levels) then something with protein will keep your blood sugar stable and keep you going till dinner. A protein shake could be a good option here or one of the aforementioned snacks.


And bonus tip no.6

If you’re finding yourself much more sedentary with your new WFH arrangement then make a concerted effort to get more movement in your day. This will help to boost your energy levels naturally and leave you less likely to reach for those snacks throughout the day!


This article was kindly provided by Amy Mitchell.    Amy Mitchell is a women’s fitness and nutrition coach and owner of Goddess Outdoor Fitness.

Each Friday at 10am, Amy runs an online pre or post-natal fitness class on the Baby to Toddler Show Facebook Live.

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