Introducing George Georgievski, our Super Dad!

George Georgievski’s lunchbox creations have captivated people all over the world.  Known as ‘the school lunchbox dad’, George is an engaged parent to two daughters. He is a joker, a prankster and an unashamed daggy ‘dad joker’, who has taken to Instagram to share his inspirational bento-style lunchbox creations.

Creator of the School Lunchbox website, George creates healthy, fun, and easy lunch box recipes and has got the art of lunch making down to a 5-minute task!

We’re delighted to announce George as the Baby to Toddler Show ‘Super Dad’, working alongside Stuck on You, the bento-style lunchboxes that feature daily on his Instagram. We caught up with George to find out at it means to be a dad these days and about everything parenting.


How did School Lunchbox begin?

Approx 4 years ago, I used to leave to go to work before any of the girls would wake up.  One day I was off sick and I could hear the commotion in the kitchen, I ran in and asked “what is going on?”, the reply “this is normal”.  That was the defining moment where I had to step in and step up.  I took on the lunch making duties and the rest is history.


What does it mean to be a Dad these days?

For me, to be a dad means to be the best husband I could possibly be.  Our children observe us more than we think.  It’s my duty to set the standards for my girls and for them to see first hand how a woman or a partner should be treated.  For me also I removed the gender typical roles from our household.  We just need to get sh#t done, whether it’s the dishes, laundry or mowing the lawns, we just do it.  However, I love cooking so I kind of don’t let my wife in my kitchen.  It’s my domain. Lol

Being a dad also means being able to listen to my girls, and I mean really listen.  Asking questions after they’ve spoken about something is so important, they need to feel the connection and by listening I feel it’s very important.


What’s your best hack to encourage your kids to eat healthy food?

Get them involved.  If you can take them to a farm or green grocer do it.  Let them see just how long it takes to grow a carrot, let them tap the card at the register to understand the value of fresh food.  Grabbing a pot plant and planting a veggie of some sort or even strawberries is a great way to get kids involved.


Do the bento boxes you use for your creations, keep everything in place?

The Bento’s I use are from my good friends at Stuck on You, they’re leak proof and airtight, however, the best thing is that there is no cross contamination of any foods.


What do you find the most daunting thing about being a parent?

Great question, I have two daughter’s so I often think about the “dating stage”.  It is just a phase isn’t it?  They hopefully grow out of it and stay home forever, yes?


What’s the deal with Eddie Vedder?

Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam saved my life.  When I lost my dad I was alone and had no idea how to cope with my emotions.  That’s when Pearl Jam stepped in and wrote songs about loss etc.  I connected with his lyrics and it made me realise that he too lost his dad and he wrote how he coped with it, his music picked me up and didn’t make me feel alone anymore.  A song called “Release” is what I still listen to 25 years later when I need a pick me up.  Since then Eddie Vedder is married with two daughters also, so we have a connection, I wish he’d see that though lol.


As a kid, what did you want to be?

As a kid I wanted to be playboy photographer, but you probably won’t print this so lets just go with a rock star. LOL


Aside for their lunches, what do you cook for your family?

I do breakfast most mornings, though I love making dinner’s.  My home made gnocchi are on a different level, my girl’s call them marshmallow pasta.  I love grilling on the bbq, baking experimental treats like apple roses.  We are lucky enough to have a pizza oven so I love making fresh pizza dough and making our own pizza’s.


Do you have a favourite Dad joke?

My girl’s asked if we could have a dog for Christmas, I said NO, we will have turkey like everyone else.

Come along and meet George for yourself at all of the Baby to Toddler Shows in 2020 on the Stuck on You stand and hear him talk about everything parenting, live on stage in our Talks and Seminar program.

If you don’t follow him already on Instagram, you should! Check out his Instagram here. 



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