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With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of parents are now asking, “What about our antenatal classes?” Are they all cancelled? How can we prepare for birth?”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our friends at My Midwives, have adapted four of their most hands-on practical workshops to the virtual environment to help you prepare for the birth and first six weeks of your baby’s life.  Each class is conducted live on Zoom where you can ask questions and interact directly with the midwife, and you’ll also receive a recorded version after the session.

As a friend of the Baby to Toddler Show, we’re able to offer you the following great discounts on four comprehensive online courses, plus the price includes up to two attendees.

•      Birth Prep Class – $50   normally $60. 
•      Antenatal Class – $250   normally $280. 
•      Newborn Care Workshop – $50  normally $60
•      Support, Sleep and Settling Workshop – $50   normally $60 

How to Book Your Class

  • Click on the class/es you would like to book and select the day and time.  It’s the same price for 2 people to attend so if you want to attend the class with a partner, choose the ‘2 Adult tickets option’.
  • To receive your discount:
    • For the 1 Adult ticket option enter code 3564310 at checkout to receive your discount.
    • For the 2 Adult tickets option enter code 06042020 at checkout to receive your discount.

4 Classes to Choose From:

Birth Prep Class
For early to mid pregnancy: 16-22 weeks

This online class is held from around 16 to 22 weeks of pregnancy to ensure you have considered some of the decisions required in the early part of pregnancy. We discuss everything from your choice of care provider and writing a birth plan to preparing for birth and considering your options from natural birth, c-section, water birth, home birth. And who you’ll have in the room with you on the day! Facilitated by our experienced Midwives, this online session offers plenty of opportunity for discussion and online Q & A.
​Duration of class: 2 hours
RRP: $60
Baby to Toddler price: $50
price includes up to two attendees

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Antenatal Class
For mid-pregnancy: 28-34 weeks

The online Antenatal Class is focused on your birth and is designed to be taken anywhere from 28 to 34 weeks of pregnancy.  This class focuses on the many aspects that make up labour and birth, including activities to ensure you and your partner are well prepared. We fully cover labour progress and self help measures with a workbook which accompanies the classes to guide you through the session.
Duration of class: 6 hours with 1 hour break.
RRP: $280
Baby to Toddler price: $250
price includes up to two attendees

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Newborn Care Workshop 
For Late Pregnancy: After 34 Weeks

My Midwives have adapted the most hands-on of their practical workshop to the virtual environment to prepare you for the first six weeks of your baby’s life.
We invite couples to do this class late in pregnancy (after 34 weeks) to ensure all aspects are front of mind when baby arrives. The class covers all the basics: nappies, cord care, bathing, dressing, swaddling and feeding and reviews the decisions you make in the transition to parenting.
​Duration of class: 2 hours
RRP: $60.
Baby to Toddler price: $50 ​
price includes up to two attendees

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Support, Sleep and Settling Workshop
For 4-6 Weeks after Birth

Facilitated by an experienced midwife and mum, this live online workshop is for parents around 4 to 6 weeks after birth.

Topics include transitioning to parenting, any complex issues that may have arisen and look for strategies to resolve or alleviate them. The discussion may include feeding and settling issues along with strategies to assist your perinatal mental well-being.
​Duration of class: 2 hours
RRP: $60.
Baby to Toddler price: $50
price includes up to two attendees

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