Play Based Learning

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Play-based learning fosters the growth and development for the next generation

Toddlers love to play! There are many ways to incorporate learning into play, and it is this that stimulates growth and development of your little ones.

Play-based learning is a pivotal part of early childhood development. It provides valuable skills that are closely linked to crucial brain development. It can also include social, cognitive and physical advancements in toddlers.

Play-based learning helps little ones nurture their imagination, but also gives them a sense of adventure. Spark the creativity and watch how they respond when they put their imagination to use.

Toddlers learn best when they are mentally active, engaged, social, and can make meaningful connections to their lives. Through this, they can learn essential skills such as problem solving, working with others, sharing and much more.

Here are four fun ways to incorporate play-based learning into your child’s world:

1. Organise a daily schedule that includes active indoor and outdoor physical play

2. Integrate music, movement and creative expression

3. Let your child’s imagination run wild! Encourage them to play dress ups or pretend to be a favourite character. Ask them to tell you about it.

4. Read with your child every chance you get. Always keep a book handy.

Toddlers are more motivated to learn and develop a positive attitude towards their learning when they are involved in experiences that are meaningful and fun.

Play-based learning is best absorbed in safe, secure and nurturing spaces.

For more ways to practice play-based learning with your child click here.

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