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At CPR Kids we are expert paediatric nurses who have cared for thousands of sick and injured children.

Learn with the experts.

CPR Kids empowers parents, families, and carers of children with the life-saving skills of baby & child First Aid and recognition of the sick child.

Paediatric nurse Sarah Hunstead founded CPR Kids because, after 15 years of working in paediatric emergency departments, she knows that what a parent or carer does to help their sick or injured child in the minutes before an ambulance arrives can directly impact the health outcome of their child.

Sarah realised that a little knowledge, and confidence to act, could make all the difference. That’s why we do what we do – the CPR Kids expert paediatric nurses empower parents and families with confidence to help their child in an emergency.

Our classes, taught by experienced paediatric nurses, give you skills and knowledge so that when the time comes, you can take charge and be confident to help your child in an emergency. We pride ourselves on being recommended by leading maternity hospitals and obstetricians.

Visit our expert paediatric Registered Nurses at the Advice Hub to ask your first aid questions.

We are also offering baby and child first-aid classes at the Baby to Toddler Show. Know what to do! Book your class now before spots run out – babies and breastfeeding are always welcome, and don’t forget to enrol grandparents and anyone who will be caring for your child! The cost is $40 and spaces are limited.

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