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To ensure healthy teeth for life dental care should start early. At our ‘Ask a Dentist’ stand, ADA member dentists will be available to answer all of your questions about caring for your baby and toddlers teeth with lots of handy hints and information on topics such as; seeing the dentist for the first time, soothing teething toddlers and preventing childhood caries. We also have some great tooth friendly giveaways.

Visit the Advice Hub to talk to our friendly dental professionals about looking after for your smile during pregnancy and caring for your baby and toddlers teeth.

Advocating for the best standard of oral health for our community, ADA NSW is the voice of dentistry across NSW and ACT.

Click here to view our website www.adansw.com.au/ or more information visit our Protecting Tiny Teeth website protectingtinyteeth.com.au/index.html

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